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Encounters and interweavings in Caucasus
A long-term history of cross-cultural transfers

International conference




Monday 7 November

9:30am – Opening talks
Hamlet Isakhanli – Michel Espagne – Shahin Mustafayev


  • Bertille Lyonnet (Paris CNRS) : Ways of exchanges between Caucasian mountains and Mesopotamian countries at Neolithic times
  • Daniel Petit (Paris ENS) : Genetic and Areal Classification of Languages in Anatolia and Caucasus


11:00am-11:30am Break

11:30am -12:30pm

  • Vakhtang Licheli (Georgia, Tbilisi State University) : The first Caucasian script of the 7th century B.C
  • Farda Asadov (Baku, Institute of Oriental Studies) : Caucasian Albania as a contact zone of sedentary population and state with nomadic people (5-7 centuries CE)


12:30pm-2:00pm Lunch


  • Anca Dan (Paris CNRS) : In the footsteps of Prometheus : perceptions and representations of the Caucasus mountains, from the Greeks to Douglas Freshfield
  • Rafael Huseynov (Baku, Museum of Literature) : Diverse cultural milieu of Caucasus in Nizami Ganjavi’s poetry
  • Nino Pirtskhalava (Tbilisi, Georgia) : Multicultural world in the poetry of Shota Rustaveli


3:30pm-4:00pm Break


  • Mehmet Kalpakli (Ankara, Bilkent University) : The Caucasus and Anatolia : A Common Cultural Heritage in the Light of the UNESCO World Heritage List
  • Shahin Mustafayev (Baku, Institute of Oriental Studies) : Mongol political supremacy and cultural interaction in the Caucasus (13-14 centuries CE)
  • Georges Depeyrot (Paris CNRS) : Currency circulation in South Caucasus



Tuesday 8 November


  • Svetlana Gorshenina (Lausanne et Collège de France) : Early photography in the Caucasus and Central Asia : transfers of a technology of the modernity in imperial Russia
  • Hamlet Isakhanli (Baku, Khazar University) : Friederich Bodenstedt on the ethnic and cultural diversity of Caucasus


10:30am-11:00am Break


  • Ekaterina Dmitrieva (Moscow, Gorki Institute) : The oriental question in Russia (1820-1920) through the prism of Tynianovs Smert’ Vazir Muhtara
  • Gilles Authier (Paris EPHE) : Lexical identity and structural convergence in languages of Azerbaijan
  • Boris Kharsiev (Adygeya, Russia) : Cultural transformations in North Caucasus in the XIX - XX centuries (by the example of the culture of Ingush people)


1:00pm-2:30pm lunch


  • Haji Murad Donogo (Dagestan, Russia) : Sheykh Shamil and spiritual unity of North Caucasian people in 19 century
  • Irada Bagirova (Azerbaijan) : Baku as a center of crosscultural interactions in 19-early 20 century
  • Nino Chikovani (Georgia) : Tbilisi as a center of crosscultural interactions in 19-early 20 century


4:30pm-5:00pm Break


  • Sophie Basch (Paris, Sorbonne) : Lev Nussimbaum-Kurban Said : Girl from the Golden Horn
  • Pascale Rabault-Feuerhahn (Paris CNRS) : Multilayer identity and the polyphony of multiculturalism in Samir Naqqash’s novel « Shlomo al Kurdi » (2004)
  • Michel Espagne (Paris CNRS) : From Julius Klaproth to Friedrich Bodenstedt : German scholars of the 19th century discovering Caucasus



Wednesday 9 November

Baku city tour

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