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GAO Yongwei

Université Fudan, Shanghai (Chine)
Invité de TransferS – début 2018

Début 2018, le labex TransferS accueille GAO Yongwei, professeur d’anglais au Département de langues et littérature étrangères de l’Université Fudan, Shanghai (Chine).


Chinese Language

  1. Missionary Contributions to the Chinese Language
    The lecture concerns itself with the grammars and dictionaries written by missionaries in the 19th century and their contributions to the formation of the Chinese grammar and the modern Chinese lexicon as well.

  2. China in the 19th Century : Through the Eyes of Foreigners
    The talk centers around the daily lives of Chinese people living in the 19th century, and focus will be put on traditions carried on throughout the Empire.

  3. A Synchronic View of the Chinese Vocabulary
    The theme of the talk is the modern Chinese vocabulary, and the new lexical members of the Chinese language will be given an in-depth discussion and the Chinese pop culture will also be touched upon.

  4. All Things Lexicographical : A Rambling Talk on Dictionaries and Their Makers in China
    Interesting facts about dictionaries published in China and their makers will be revealed.


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