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Université Fudan, Shanghai (Chine)
Invité du labex TransferS – juin 2017

Durant le mois de juin 2017, le labex TransferS accueille DING Yun, professeur de philosophie grecque et allemande à l’Université Fudan, Shanghai (Chine).


Interpretation and transformation of western philosophy into modern Chinese philosophy
The great change occurred at the form of Chinese thoughts since the western philosophy and modern sciences introduced into china. The founders of modern Chinese philosophers re-interpreted traditional Chinese philosophy according to their understanding of basic sketch of western philosophy. It is the starting point for modern Chinese philosophy, as well as prerequisite for reflecting and transcending modern Chinese philosophy. Among the important figures of western philosophy, G.W.F.Hegel and Karl Marx played a key role before the end of 1970s, however, Immanuel Kant and Martin Heidegger after the late 1970s. The thoughts of Kant and Heidegger also influence the modern Chinese Marxists, by contrast the influence of the French Marxists represented by Louis Pierre Althusser, interestingly and profoundly. The revival of Spinoza’s philosophy currently becomes a new temptation to Chinese younger Marxists and thoughtful Confucian scholars yet.

The ontology problem in Chinese philosophy
The ontology problem has twofold meanings. on the one hand, it refers to the theory of body-function (Ti-Yong) and the theory of mind-nature (xin-xing) which inherited in traditional Chinese philosophy, on the other hand, it means the problem of Being which is the basic question in western metaphysics. The one of the utmost consequences is to drag the problem of Being into interpretation of traditional Chinese philosophy while translating ontology to theory of body-function. This lecture will compare the highest problems and its conception in traditional Chinese philosophy with Being problem, furthermore, demarcate the boundaries and build connections.

The Revival of Spinoza’s philosophy and the re-start of Chinese philosophy
The Spinoza’s philosophy is reviving slowly and steadily since the generation of Louis Pierre Althusser and Gilles Deleuze. The future philosophy may be at someplace between Martin Heidegger and Spinoza as Antonio Negri pointed. Modern Chinese philosophy, especial Marxism and Confucianism, of course is closer to Philosophy of Heidegger. But the philosophy of Spinoza has effect on Chinese Marxism and Confucianism unnoticeably, which have no connection with the revival of Spinoza’s philosophy in west. This lecture is trying to conflate the philosophy of Heidegger and Spinoza, and let it in to the reconstruction of traditional Chinese philosophy.

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