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Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok (Russie)
Invitée de l’AOrOc – février à juin 2013

Marina KOVALCHUK - Invité 2012/2013

Le Labex Transfers en coopération avec l’ANR DAMIN (Dépréciation de l´Argent Monétaire et relations Inter-nationales) invite de février à mai 2013 le Professeur Marina Kovalchuk, Professor assistant in History and Japanese Language, Japanese Area Studies, Oriental Studies Institute, Far Eastern Federal University, Russian Federation.



Japan in transition, 1854-1894


The main tasks which have to be fulfilled during the visit are to make the translation (from Japanese to English) of The Investigation on Currency System (352 p.) - the document which represents the results of investigation made by the parliamentary commission by the request of Japanese Diet to provide it with the complete information on international currency system before it made a decision to proceed Japanese financial system from Silver to Gold standard.

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Vidéo(s) de l’événement
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