4th Session

Thursday 5 November, 13.30-17.20

Urban Topography from Past to Present

Chairperson : Jean-Luc Maeso

13.30-13.50 - Patrick Boulanger
The French Hospital of Smyrna in the 18th Century between Openness, Transfers and Withdrawals

13.50-14.10 - Jean-Claude Cheynet
Medieval Smyrna

14.10-14.30 - Georges Tolias
Francesco Lupazzolo (1587-1702): Levantine, Smyrniot, and Isolario Maker

14.30-14.50 - Discussion

14.50-15.10 - Coffee Break

15.10-15.30 - Marie-Valérie Lesvigne
Seismic Events in the History of Smyrna. First Results and Prospect of Sismo-AsiaMinor Research Program

15.30-15.50 - Cihan Özgün
Approaches to the Effects of Izmir-Kasaba Railway Construction on the Izmir Urban Transportation Network (19th century)

15.50-16.10 - Jean-François Pérouse
Izmir and Migratory Transit Flows since the Early 2000s : The Invisible Internationalization

16.10-16.30 - Discussion