2nd Session

Wednesday 4 November, 14.30-15.50

Smyrna: From the very Beginning to a Great Aegean City

Chairperson : Stéphane Verger

14.30-14.50 - Zafer Derin
The Prehistoric Settlement of Izmir: Yeşilova Höyük

14.50-15.10 - Cumhur Tanrıver
Old Smyrna. The Foundation of Smyrna and its Advancement as a City State

15.10-15.30 - Akın Ersoy & Burak Yolaçan
New Smyrna: Recent Discoveries

15.30-15.50 - Michel Espagne
A Cross-Cultural Point of View on Cross-Cultural Antiquity: The Case of Ekrem Akurgal

15.50-16.10 - Discussion