1st Session

Wednesday 4 November, 10.00-14.30

The Cosmopolitan Structure of İzmir: Literature, Music, Folklore and Gastronomy

Chairperson : Nuran Şahin

10.00-10.20 - Anca Dan
Smyrna in its Anatolian and Aegean Enviroment: The Foundation Legends

10.20-10.40 - Recep Meriç
The Origins of Zeybek Culture
Zeybek dances will be performed during the talk

10.40-11.00 - Serkan Çelik
From Past to Present: Music of Izmir
Musical performance: from ancient music to rebetico

11.00-11.20 - Ingrid Braggiotti
Traditional Recipes of the Levantine Cuisine

11.20-11.40 - Ahmet Uhri
Following the Tracks of Cultural Interactions in İzmir: “Boyoz” and Stuffed Mussels

11.40-12.00 - Coffee Break

12.00-12.20 - Nezih Aytaçlar
One of the Ancient Tastes of Izmir Gulf: Garum Sauce

12.20-12.40 - Basma Zerouali
Music and Cosmopolitism in Smyrna at the Turn of the 20th Century

12.40-13.00 - Avram Aji
Musical performance: Sephardic music

13.00-13.20 - Discussion

13.20-14.30 - Lunch Break